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2010 Britain Trip

I have visited Britain a number of times, starting in 1970; however, this is my first trip since taking up birding after my retirement in November 1998. Below you can see a map that shows my route, and below that is my actual itinerary. As you can see, the trip includes England, Scotland , and Wales. There also will be links to photos from the trip (Photos01, Photos02, etc) and my commentary about the trip (Ramblings01, Ramblings02, etc).  I plan to add these links while on the trip.

The trip was originally planned to start on April 19, 2010, but a volcano in Iceland erupted the week before that, and all plane travel into and out of the UK was shut down for six days.  As a result, my trip was rescheduled, and departure was moved back to April 27.  The return flight was also rescheduled, so the duration of the trip stayed the same.  The map below shows the original route, and the revised route is the same except the first and last eight days.  Instead of visiting London at the beginning of the trip, London was moved to the end.  The planned visit to Swanage, near Poole Harbour in Dorset had to be canceled, and instead, a stop of three days in Maidenhead, just outside of London, was added at the end also.  Other than those two changes, everything else stayed the same.

Below the map of the original itinerary, there is a revised itinerary, showing each destination, with dates.  Below that is an embedded Google interactive map of the trip.  You can click on the Google map and pan and zoom, to see details or certain areas.  Below the embedded Google map is a link to the Google website, where you will see a larger version of the same map.

Map with original itinerary

Map of Original Itinerary

Revised 44 Day Itinerary, Britain 2010

Depart Seattle late on Tuesday, 27 April, and fly overnight to London  Ramblings01

1. New Forest area - 1 night, arrive Wednesday, 28 April  Ramblings02

2. Seaford (near Brighton) - 1 night, arrive Thursday, 29 April  Ramblings03  Photos01

3. Dungeness, Kent - 2 nights, arrive Friday, 30 April  Ramblings04  Photos02  Ramblings05  Photos03

4. Sibton Green, Suffolk - 4 nights, arrive Sunday, 2 May  Ramblings06  Photos04  Ramblings07  Ramblings08  Photos05

5. Bury St. Edmunds - 2 nights, arrive Thursday, 6 May  Ramblings09  Photos06

6. Sharrington, Norfolk - 4 nights, arrive Saturday, 8 May  Ramblings10  Photos07  Ramblings11  Photos08  Ramblings12

7. Lymm (near Manchester), Cheshire - 2 nights, arrive Wednesday, 12 May  Ramblings13  Ramblings14  Photos09

8. Rhayader, Wales - 1 night, arrive Friday, 14 May  Ramblings15  Photos10  Ramblings16  Photos11

9. Bangor, Wales - 2 nights, arrive Saturday, 15 May  Ramblings17  Photos12

10. Leighton Moss, Lancashire - 2 nights, arrive Monday, 17 May  Ramblings18  Ramblings19  Photos13

11. Balerno (Edinburgh), Scotland - 3 nights, arrive Wednesday, 19 May  Ramblings20  Photos14

12. Kingussie (Cairngorms), Scotland - 4 nights, arrive Saturday, 22 May  Ramblings21  Photos15  Ramblings22  Ramblings23  Photos16  Ramblings24  Photos17

13. Ullapool, Scotland - 1 night, arrive Wednesday, 26 May  Ramblings25  Photos18

14. Fort William, Scotland – 1 night, arrive Thursday, 27 May  Ramblings26

15. Workington, Cumbria – 3 nights, arrive Friday, 28 May  Ramblings27  Photos19  Ramblings28  Photos20

16. Leighton Moss, Lancashire - 1 night, arrive Monday, 31 May  Ramblings29  Photos21

17. Oxford - 1 night, arrive Tuesday, 1 June  Ramblings30

18. Maidenhead - 3 nights, arrive Wednesday, 2 June  Ramblings31  Photos22  Ramblings32  Photos23  Ramblings33  Photos24

19.  London (Kennington) - 5 nights, arrive Saturday, 5 June  Ramblings34  Ramblings35  Ramblings36  Photos25  Ramblings37  Photos26  Ramblings38  Photos27

Fly home to Seattle on Thursday, 10 June  Ramblings39

Below is an interactive Google Map of my revised itinerary

View B's UK trip 2010 in a larger map