Tuesday, June 08, 2010


Today was a short day for me, and this will be a short Ramblings.† Ham and cheese sandwich and yogurt for breakfast, and I was out of here about 10.† I have been staying up a little later each night and getting up a little later each morning.† This morning I didnít get out of bed until 8.


It rained overnight, and it was still raining when I got up.† The forecast called for more showers throughout the day.† I decided to spend some time at the museums, meaning the Victoria and Albert, the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum.† I took the tube there and started with the V & A.† The place is huge and there is no way to begin to see much of it, so I wandered around and saw a few things.† I looked at Japanese things, and sculptures, and some interesting displays about silver and silver work.† There was an interesting little film about the lost wax method of bronze casting, and I enjoyed seeing that.† I sat from time to time, as Iím not feeling 100% today.† I tire easily and I feel just a little off.† Not enough to say I am ill, but not good enough to say I am 100% either.† So, I sat and watched people a fair bit.


By the time I was thinking of moving on to one of the other museums, it was bucketing down outside, so I found the tunnel that connects the South Kensington tube station with the museums, and I went to see if I could get into one of the other ones without going out into the rain, but I couldnít.† So, I waited in the tunnel with a number of other people, until the shower quit.† Then I went to the Natural History Museum.


I looked at the bird displays, but old bird bodies arenít all that exciting to me.† It was warm in there, and I was feeling weak again and so I found a place to sit, where it was cooler.† I had a tuna baguette at the food place there, and an iced latte, hoping it would wake me up.† They were both good, and I guess they revitalized me a little, so I took in a couple of other exhibits, and then I found a place to sit and read my book for a while.† At about 2:30, I decided that I had had enough for the day, so I headed for home.


I need to go out and get some groceries for my last two dinners here, and two more breakfasts (I have cheese and bread, but need more ham).† When I was ready to go a few minutes ago, it was raining again, so I am writing this instead, and then I will make the store trip, hopefully between showers.


I have yesterdayís pictures processed and Photos26 made and ready to upload to the website, so I will do that when I get back from the store, and put this very brief Ramblings up at that time, too.


Nothing else to report, unless I have some adventures on my way to or from the store.


Well, I did have a little adventure on my grocery store run, after all.† When I got home and emptied my pockets, I noticed that all my change was gone.† Oops.† Another wardrobe malfunction Ė I had a hole in my pocket.† I had about 6 pounds in change, which is about $8.50.† I thought about retracing my steps, so see if I could recover any of it, but decided not to.† I not only donít feel like walking, I figure that someone may have already found a bonanza trail of coins and picked them up.† I find it interesting that I hadnít noticed them when they fell down my pant leg on the inside.† I got out my trusty sewing kit and sewed up the pocket, but I notice that it is still very thin at the bottom, and I donít think I will trust it.† Only one more day of wearing those jeans anyway, and since I donít have any change now, all I have to do is remember not to put my keys in that pocket.


So, that is the story of this Tuesday.† I still feel poorly, although I canít really put my finger on what part of me feels poorly.† It is just a general malaise, I guess.† I just hope Iím not coming down with something.