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March 2012


No new birds for my year list were added in March, sad to say.† On Tuesday, February 28, I was headed for California on a three week trip, with hopes of adding 20 or 30 more species on the trip.† Unfortunately, as I approached Portland, about 180 miles from home, I got a pain in my abdomen, and I ended up calling 911 from a McDonaldís parking lot in north Portland.


To make a long story short, I ended up spending the night in the hospital in Portland, diagnosed with gallstones and pancreatitis.† Christina flew down and drove me home the next day, and after spending another night in the hospital that next weekend, here in Kirkland, I eventually had my gallbladder removed on March 14.


I have recovered quickly, and I donít think I have any lingering aftereffects of the whole adventure. Now Iím looking forward to my next big birding trip, which is to the Texas Gulf Coast for 25 days, starting on April 10.


What a life!