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No new year birds in December.† I finished the year at 667 species, which is far and away the most I have ever seen in a single year, and I almost certainly will never exceed that total.† 40 of those species were lifers.


My US total for 2013 was 319 species, of which 6 were lifers.† All of those were seen in the three West Coast states.


In 2014 I plan to once again put out a report on each day that I see a new species for the year.† Iím not planning any trips away from the West Coast this year, so my goal is to exceed 300 species again.† Ideally, I would try to exceed the 319 I saw this year, but Iíd have to return to Southern California to do that, as well as do a lot of Washington State trips.† We will see how it goes.


I also plan to do an additional birding thing Ė Bird-A-Day, or B-A-D birding, more simply referred to as BAD birding.† Each day I will choose one species that I saw or conclusively heard that day, and Iíll designate that species as my Bird of the Day.† The idea is to see how many days in a row I can keep adding a new species to the list, without repeating a species or skipping a day.† Iíll put more details on the 2014 Reports page.